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My Name is Ivan and I am 20 Years Old. I Am Gay Man and that shouldn't change anyone's views on me. I Live in New York City and I am in My Second Year Of College, Studying to be a Math Teacher. My blog is about my everyday life, my love life, news and politics, things that matter to me, and sometimes something cute and Romantic.

Anything else? Just Ask Me!!

This blog was created to help LGBT+ teens be proud of who they are. No one should have to feel ashamed of who they are, and you can feel free to submit your stories and share your pride here.


Ask Me Any Question?

I’m bored so start askinggg :))

Ask anything you want to know and I’m willing to answer it. 

Ask my opinion/thoughts on something.

Ask for advice on anything.

Do “would you rather” or “would you ever?” or “have you ever?”

I am bored so please ask me anything!!!?

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  3. tayloredsancha answered: sorry cantt helpp , imm boredd myselff ahah ,
  4. beeforeverpimped answered: Wouldd Yhuu Ever Skinny Dipp ??
  5. joylr answered: i need a guys oppinion, my boyfriends 21 birthday coming up and i dont know what to do for him and i only got 300.
  6. voices-of-the-voice-less answered: I dnt belive in dat illuminati shit aswell !?
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